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Uriel Rodríguez Soto


Uriel Rodríguez Soto, is principal director of the Veracruz State Government Symphonic Band (founded in 1886) and the Rozst Symphony Orchestra.


Uriel was born on March 23, 1990 in Mexico City, at the age of 7 he composes his first songs and from the age of 10 he focuses fully on the study of the guitar, harmony, theory and composition; With this he traces the path that will allow him to study from an early age and with various maestros what will be his great passion "Orchestral Conducting": In London, England. and in Graz, Austria, he studies under the tutelage of Master Achim Holub; in Vienna, Austria, under the tutelage of Master Konstantinos Diminakis. In Mexico, he studied under the tutelage of maestro Carlos García Ruíz as part of the Music Degree program at the UACJ and later he studies a Master Degree in Orchestral Conducting at the Faculty of Music of the Universidad Veracruzana, under the tutelage of maestro Lanfranco Marcelletti. He has also received master classes from Maestro Guido Maria Guida (Italy) and Maestro Christof Harr (Germany).


In April 2014, at the age of 24, Uriel had his first concert in Europe, debuting in London England with the London Classical Soloist orchestra. 4 months later he makes his debut in Graz, Austria, where he also participates in the kammerphilharmonie Graz 2014 competition, winning an honorable mention for having performed an outstanding interpretation of W. A. Mozart's Symphony No. 40; as a consequence he receives an invitation to collaborate for 2 months as assistant of the Austrian conductor Achim Holub, in a series of concerts held in London England, and in the cities of Össiach and Graz Austria. Subsequently, he received multiple invitations to conduct in different cities and countries, starting an international career that has positioned him as one of the youngest, most charismatic and versatile orchestra conductors of the new generation.


Some of the Orchestras he has conducted include: Orpheus Kammerphilarmonie (Vienna, Austria), London Classical Soloist (London, England), Opal Sinfonietta (Boulogne Sur Mer, France), Kammerphilarmonie Graz (Austria), Rimini Chamber Orchestra (Italy). In Mexico he served for 3 years as principal conductor of the Youth Symphony Band of the Faculty of Music of the Universidad Veracruzana (Xalapa, Méx.) and as guest conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of the Faculty of Music of the Universidad Veracruzana (for 1 semester). He has also been invited to conduct the Xalapa Chamber Orchestra, the Xalapa Popular Music University Orchestra (OUMP), the Higher Institute of Music Orchestra (ISMEV), the UACJ Chamber Orchestra (Chihuahua) and the Youth Orchestra of the Autonomous University of Cd. Juárez (OSJUACJ).


In 2020 he received an invitation to collaborate with the Italian Samnium University, as part of the jury of the international competition "Samnium Orchestra" held at the Musikverein in Vienna.


In the same year (2020), he writes and publishes two educational books, the first on orchestral conducting "Mente, Cuerpo y Alma" and the second "Los Instrumentos de la Orquesta". Later, in 2021, he presented the first book in the Ciudad Real library, in Spain.


In August 2022, the Symphonic Band of the Government of the State of Veracruz, makes a national call in search of a new music director. Before a competition in 3 phases and among 12 directors, Uriel obtains the first place, receiving his appointment as the new principal director and positioning himself as the music director No. 20 in the history of the Band, since 1886.


Uriel has a very versatile repertoire, covering works from the Baroque period to contemporary, operas and choral music. It is also worth mentioning that he has a degree in classical guitar and piano as a complementary instrument; he speaks 3 languages (Spanish, English and Italian) and is the founder of the Rozst Music Academy, where he shares his love for music and teaching.

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Mtro. Achim Holub: Conductor. London,Uk / Austria

Uriel’s conducting technique is very skilled and his approach to music making is professional and full of passion. I know him as a person who is willing to work hard and who tries to communicate his ideas in the clearest possible way.
In my view, there is no doubt about his qualification to become a successful representative of our profession.

Miguel Angel Villanueva.jpg

Mtro. Miguel Ángel Villanueva: Flutist. México

Based on my experience of more than 35 years of career, of which the last 18 as a soloist, I can assure without a doubt that Uriel Rodriguez Soto has a skillful and clear conducting technique, with an innovative approach and full of ideas in the musical creation. This young director also has not only the qualities expected of all professionals, but also the attitude and human qualities that make him an artist with high qualification.

Lanfranco Marcelletti.jpg

Mtro. Lanfranco Marcelletti: Chief Conductor of OSX. Italy / Brazil

Uriel Rodríguez Soto Is a young orchestral conductor who is very committed to his profession, is a music lover and has a great will to work.

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